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June 18, 2013
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2P!Italy x Reader x 2P!Romano: Contest for the Heart


You sighed in boredom, lazily lying on the comfortable bed as you played with the lacy hem of your long, lilac white sun dress. You started to wonder where the two brothers went to, since it was quite rare that Luciano went with Flavio, unless he did got pestered enough by his rather stylish and sassy brother.  Sitting up slowly and groaning, you yawned and stretched slowly, craving for chocolates and maybe Italian food. Sluggishly walking out of the room, you were about to go down when you froze. You heard footsteps just as you were on top of the staircase.


………….But you were alone in the house. You haven’t even heard the door open.


Silently and swiftly grabbing a knife Luciano had left from the room, you slowly went downstairs, only to find…


“Flavio, what in the world are you doing here and when did you enter?”, you quickly said, frowning, lowering the knife. He smiled cheerfully, yet there was something different with his smile, as if there was more in it.


“Ah, bella, dear~!”, he sang as he waved his arm, urging you to come near.


He never calls you bella.


“Do you have a fever, or are you going bonkers?”, you bluntly stated with an unfazed blink, walking towards him cautiously. “Flavio, you never called me bella until now. Did Luciano hit your head too hard or something?”


Giggling, he shook his head. “No no, I just decided to.”                                       


Yep. He’s gone bonkers, alright.


“I’m pretty sure you’re planning something.”, you grumbled, raising an eyebrow at him as you stood beside him, leaning on the wall. Then, you felt him lean more to you, resting his head on your shoulders, making you lightly blush. “Okay that’s it, tell me.”


“Bella~! I’m not planning anything…”, he whispered to your ear in a different, deep tone, sending shivers down to your spine as Goosebumps emerged from your skin. “Of course I won’t plan anything to you~!”


You gulped nervously, your stomach starting to churn in nervousness. He was definitely acting suspiciously. Either he got hit too hard on the head, or he got drunk. But he didn't smell… Like alcohol, so maybe it was drugs.


Yep. Maybe it was just drugs.


“Flavio…” , you said, hesitant. “Just tell me. I won’t get angry.”


“But bella, I’m not planning anything~!”, he said, now smirking as his arms snaked around your waist, making your heart start to beat faster.


“I’m pretty sure you are, with that strange acting of yours.”, you carefully said, trying to pry his arms from your waist. He whined, nuzzling on your cheek rather childishly and endearingly  just to make you blush as red as a rose, until you finally succeeded on prying off his arms, making you smirk and quickly leap away from him for almost about four meters apart. “I’ll find Luciano, okay? Now try returning to normal!”


With that, you ran out of the fancy house in your sandals, off to find Luciano.


Gosh, it sounds as if you pathetically got attacked and now you’re going to find the wizard—


You bumped into someone, making you yelp and tumble to the ground, snapping out of your crazy thoughts.


“Hey—B-Bella?!”, a certainly familiar voice said. Looking up, you blinked just as you found out that it was Luciano. Strangely, he offered you a hand, helping you up just as you accepted it. Then, he quickly hugged you tightly yet protectively, making you squirm.


You’re the one who gives him hugs, not him.


“Okay, did both of you bump into drug dealers or what?!”, you bluntly said, looking at him right into his ruby magenta eyes.


“Bella, what are you talking about—Oh. Did... Fratello talk to you already?”, he slowly asked, pulling you with him towards the house you shared with him and Flavio, making you raise an eyebrow at him and quickly try to pry his arms around you off.


“Y-Yes...?” you said, trying not to stammer as you started to panic, slightly frantically trying to pry his arms off. “Um.... Would you let go of me now?”


“No.”, he replied rather straightforwardly, a smirk now lurking on his lips. This made you gulp, starting to feel nervous as your heart started to race once again. Thankfully, when both of you arrived at the house, nothing happened strange, just a bit actions of strangeness.


And, it started to happen day after day. They started to get rather.... Touchy with you, making you uncomfortable. Yet, there was another feeling that you had when you’re with them. Like your cheeks getting pink, your stomach getting fluttery feelings, your heart racing and skipping a bit, your mind getting blank.


What is this.... Strange feeling?


Then, one day after one month of those things happening, they themselves started to be... Strange.




You quickly darted down the hall and quickly opened a random room, locking the door behind you after entering. Just to your luck, it was Luciano’s room.


And he just had to be inside the room. Shirtless. Wait, correction—He was dressing up. An unbuttoned classy dress shirt on, and fit pants hugging his not-too-slim-for-a-guy legs.


“Crap.”, you softly cursed under your breath as your face turned red, quickly facing the door, hiding your face with your hands in embarrassment.


“(F/N)?”, you heard Luciano ask, making your mind turn blank as you started to mentally curse frantically. You heard him go closer to you, then hear his hand rest on the wall and feel his breath land on your exposed neck, sending shivers down to your spine. You quickly tried to unlock the door in a panicked way, your hand trembling, only for his other hand to grab your wrist. You felt him nuzzle on your neck, making you squeak and your face to feel warmer.


“L-Luciano...?”, you softly squeaked, gulping nervously. “P-Please let go of me.”


“Oh? And why should I, bella, if I finally have you with me.... Alone?”, he replied in a strange, different tone.... As if seductively.




O-Oh God—


You mentally panicked as you felt his hand start to roam your body, making you feel rather strangely sensual. You frantically tried to open the door with your other hand as quietly as you could just as Luciano is distracted.


“Bella~! Are you there?”


You felt Luciano stop and hear him growl. You nervously gulped. Then, you heard the doorknob strangely click, as if unlocked, and see the doorknob turn, making your mind blank in panic. The door suddenly swung open, making you squeak and Luciano pull you away to prevent the door slamming into your face.


“Idiota!”, Luciano hissed at Flavio, who was frowning at the sight of him touching you.


And did I say that Luciano’s hand was creeping up inside your shirt?


“Oh?”, Flavio dangerously said, an unamused frown on his lips. “Remove your hand off her shirt, dear Luciano~”


Oh God, help me escape—


You felt your heart race again strangely as Luciano removed his hand from you while your eyes quickly darted from Flavio to him. Then, you notice both of them step away from you.


“Bella....”, Flavio faltered rather strangely. “Do you love me?”


Silence. No sound entered your ear just as he said that. Then, your heart started to pound loudly and quickly as your breath got hitched down your throat.


“Or do you love me, bella?”, Luciano then said, silently watching you, sincereness within his magenta ruby eyes for the first time as if with expectation.


You felt your cheeks grow warmer as no thoughts entered your mind. Then, you started to wonder:


Is this feeling, this strange, irregular feeling.... Love? Is this the feeling that you have when you’re with both of them?


Does it mean that you love both of them?


Silently debating within your mind, you finally answered quietly, your cheeks freshly dusted with a rosy pink color.


“I-Is it okay.... If I love both of you?”, you softly said, making their eyes widen and look at each other.


“B-both, bella?”, Flavio stammered in disbelief. You nodded in response, your face red.


“Y-yes.... I love both of you.”, you said, looking at both of them, your eyes now filled with determination. “I just can’t choose between both of you. I love both of you.”


Luciano frowned, but then sighed. “Fratello, looks like we have to share...”


“It’s unlikely for you to be the one to say that, dear fratellino.”, Flavio flatly said, worry in his eyes covered in shades. “But, I do guess that we do.”


Luciano closed the door and once again locked it, then looked at Flavio, as if with a silent message. Then, you saw Flavio smirk at him, making you nervous and start to move backwards as silently as you could, only for you to land backwards on Luciano’s bed as your leg had hit it’s edge, making you squeak in surprise. You quickly sat up just as both Luciano and Flavio went to the bed and started to crawl towards you in a rather seductive way, making you close your eyes tightly as your cheeks turned as red as a rose. You felt yourself get pushed down as your hands get pinned on the bed. You felt their breaths hit your exposed neck, making you visibly shudder and breathe shakily.


“Oh (F/N), bella~”, you heard Flavio say sweetly yet also sensually to your ear as you heard Luciano chuckle.


“Bella, I think it’s a bad thing that you chose both of us...”, you heard Luciano whisper seductively on your other ear, making you gulp nervously as your heart started to race once again. “...That is, depending on you. We’ll have so much fun tonight, si~?”




Request by: :iconmaeve-chan:

Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:

You belong to yourself, or the two hotties there~ ;9

Plot belongs to :iconakainamida1:
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NekoYuukii Mar 11, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
My god !!!!! I like not the end ...
:iconifaintplz: rome..... :iconnosebleedplz:
Kaitlyn100 Feb 9, 2014  Student Filmographer
omg i swear i died when that last line was said 0///////0
Lol I thought I heard twilight xD
RainbowSqueals Dec 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I am going to be honest, I'm glad you didn't make this a lemon. (It takes me a while to get through a decent sized one...I get awkward and depending on the character I start fangirling) Also, you did a good job on this :) I loved it.
AkaiNamida1 Jan 6, 2014  Student Writer
I can't make lemons as of now in the first place anyway, since it's kind of awkward for me XD Thanks!!!
MochiEater Dec 5, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I had sex with 2p Italy & 2p Romano at the same time…Ve ~
I-am-number-10 Oct 30, 2013
Omg your icon!!! I love it!!!
AkaiNamida1 Oct 30, 2013  Student Writer
Thankies dear~ >7<
I-am-number-10 Oct 31, 2013
The story is amazing too!
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